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Where does the typical business or family lie in terms of preparedness?   The WSJ asked as well:  https://www.wsj.com/articles/will-we-be-ready-for-the-next-pandemic-11613145677

Preparedness Training

Oftentimes we’re not prepared, simply because of too much information. A search for an emergency plan or any kind of something similar will result in millions of hits and include dozens of links each time. We just become paralyzed in information.  

There is a basic premise that we use through BERT and we teach in all of our classes from beginning to end: In any situation, in any emergency, do something without becoming part of the problem. In the in-person classes, we actually have people parrot this back. The instructor will say, “do something,” and the class is expected to come back with, “do not become part of the problem.” 

At BERT, our premise is to alleviate fear and become strong through planning and preparation. There are simple steps in our courses for your managers to implement, which will strengthen your people and their families to better handle any emergency until first responders arrive. This is especially important because you have to implement these programs and build your sense of preparedness — our courses are not designed for one to just simply sit back, relax, and listen. We offer high-level, college-type courses that prompt you to take notes, give you ideas, and evaluate how you move through the program. Not sure where to start? BERT can help; contact us for a consultation.

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