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BERT can help you satisfy OSHA regulations and ensure environmental health and safety at your facility with resources and services to meet your workplace safety and compliance needs.

Our workshops will help your business infuse OSHA safety concepts and responsibilities throughout your entire organization. Our training programs are backed by our team of experts, who are involved at every stage of employee training and development. We use the latest training techniques and technology to help keep your employees informed and in compliance.




Government Agencies & Districts

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We Offer Custom Learning Management Solutions

  • Ideal for small businesses that need a customized platform to track  compliance standards at an affordable rate (When OSHA comes knocking, you have the information they need)
  • Branded specifically for your organization

OSHA approved and people tested

Results That Matter

The BERT training has become a lighthouse for our organization. The program has not only provided us with a road map for further development of our disaster program but also provided us lifelong partnerships to facilitate continued growth as we move into the future. We look forward to a continuing effort to work with current and future BERT members in the years to come.

Paul Scruggs Goodwill Industries

Fabcon’s participation in the B.E.R.T. program has given us valuable insight as we move forward with preparing our in-house “Emergency Response Plan”. We now have a better understanding as to what to expect from our city’s first responders, how to properly prepare our facility and staff for emergency situations as well as the opportunity to network with our neighbors so that we might share assets and support in times of crisis.

Thank you for a fine training program, which will allow me to continuously improve upon the level of service I can provide.

Jeff HurtigFabcon

It seemed that every class held a wealth of information, not only for our businesses but also for our families. Many hands make light labor and the teamwork spirit of Santa Ana proves this to be true.

Midge SmithRoyale Health Care

The … BERT program was a fantastic event, which I found to be informative and inspiring. The program instructors and the organizer (Bill Cunningham) were insightful teachers who gave us a hands on performance that enlightened all of us of our critical responsibilities as emergency responders. In the class, I actually felt as though I were in a real crisis situation, and psyched myself on the methods I would need to know and use to respond adequately with forethought and calmness should a real disaster ever strike. I soon began to recognize weaknesses in our business preparation methodology, and immediately received guidance on how to recognize and correct these deficiencies.

Brad GastonJanes LaSalle/Deutsche

I have learned everything from psychology to sign language and all the various ways to deal with various crisis situations. After the 6 weeks of training we did a hands on application, I enjoyed this part!! This was a real eye opener into how much we learned. I would even recommend doing maybe two at the end instead of just one, so future students could really get the “hang of it”. I feel I’d be at least helpful in a crisis situation now. It’s nice to know I’d be a part of the solution not part of the problem.

Thank you very much to All who trained us!!

Michelle MurrayGlenn Gelman & Associates


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BERT Works!

We at BERT get into the weeds with our clients, literally and figuratively, no matter how much elbow grease is needed. We strive to ensure our clients have a well-rounded sense of preparedness. BERT works: Our guidance helped prevent a much greater disaster at...

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BERT Purpose, Training, and Courses

BERT Purpose, Training, and Courses

The purpose of BERT is to prepare and protect employees and their families before and during a catastrophe, and to provide a job for us to come back to after the event has been mitigated. The BERT training is based on the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) curriculum developed by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and classes are organized utilizing the Incident Command System (ICS).

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