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Live and Online OHSA Workshops

With our workshops, your leadership will discover and understand how to infuse OSHA safety concepts and responsibilities into his or her individual sphere of influence, which eventually will permeate throughout the entire organization.

Live, Online or Hybrid

From former and active First Responders, Senior city-government employees, to Insurance, Marketing and HR Professionals, we draw passion for saving life and limb from all walks of life.

Every branch of the Armed Forces is represented in our senior leadership. Each of us makes a difference in our own sphere and together we are a powerful force for good.

Wm. F. “Bill” Cunningham, Jr.

CEOP | USCG- Vet | CEO / Developer

D. Scott Walker

CEOP, EHS Professional |VP-Corporate Development | IIPP/BEAP Specialist

Denton Knapp

OSHA | Brig. General, Cal Guard | BEAP WVPP Specialist

Team Members

  • Russell Levy, Esq., Safety Adviser/Trainer
  • Carlo Nicastro, MD, Medical Ops Adviser/Trainer
  • David McGregor, CEOP, Caribbean Operations/Trainer
  • Katie Cunningham, CEOC, Youth Initiative
  • Fran Hanley, Administrator
  • Roy Goodwin, OCFA-Ret, Fire Training Adviser/Trainer
  • Craig Casey, OCFA-Ret, Fire Training Adviser/Trainer
  • Shannon Morris, Transcription
  • Bill Lohman, CEOP, Insurance Adviser
  • David Ihrig, Video talent/production
  • Ursula Walsh, Volunteer Emergency Planning Adviser

Robert C. Feldtz

CEOP | Battalion Chief | USAF-Vet |VP-Curriculum | BEAP-Specialist

Holly Cunningham

CEOC | VP-Communications | IIPP Specialist

Vlad Anderson

USMC -Vet| Peace Officer – Retired


  • Titan HST – Computer App
  • Client Media Solutions – Website Management
  • OMNEtech – Kurt Heitman – Tech-Soup administration/software engineer
  • Abatix Corporation – Equipment
  • Legends Environmental –CNA Insurance
  • ACAC.org – Professional Credentials

Board of Directors (1/1/2021)

  • William Cunningham, Chair
  • Robert C. Feldtz, Vice Chair
  • Holly D. Cunningham, Secretary
  • D. Scott Walker
  • E. Denton Knapp
  • Vladimir Anderson
  • Scott Schultz
  • Lisa Thomas

Managing incidents, staff, students and parents.

The Future of Safety

Be Prepared for Any Disaster with Titan HST

The Future Has Arrived. Next-Gen 2-way Emergency Mass Communication Platform. Because disasters don’t come with a warning

Family Emergency Plan Tool

This powerful document is designed to be downloaded, completed and shared across your family.

Emergency Action Plan Development Tool

Click to download the Emergency Action Plan Development Tool for your business or department.

This document provides key information for your business to readily return to operations as quickly as possible.

LA Times – August, 24, 2018

“Emergency management consultant Bill Cunningham has made the Titan HST app part of preparedness plans and training he devises for businesses, government agencies and other customers.

Cunningham, chief executive of Irvine-based Building Emergency Response Teams, got to try the app out sooner than expected in early September with some clients on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, including a hotel, as they braced for a direct hit from Hurricane Irma’s 185-mph winds. Cunningham had created a preparedness plan but hadn’t had time for a trial run.

The Titan HST app “helped keep track of everyone to make sure they were safe,” Cunningham said. “It really worked.”

19 Trained in Business Protection

A number of businesses in Anguilla will now be in a better position to respond to workplace incidents that occur on a national scale.
This emerged from a two-day workshop arranged by the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Department of Disaster Management and the Anguilla Red Cross.

Titan HST


The EMERGALINK app technology provides for communications, giving clients video incident management from a distance and accounts for virtually 100% of the employees and visitors on a site, virtually instantly. With augmented reality, stranded employees can be located through walls and elevations. For a small-type incident, an AED can be instantly dispatched with pinpoint accuracy. Emergency communications, using translation technology, automatically convert to the language of the receiver’s device to eliminate language barriers. Simultaneous text, robocalls & email will insure that the message is received.



Council-certified Emergency Operations personnel (CEOP, CEOM and CEOC) coordinate and manage a  company’s response to a natural or man-made disaster in the event that government first responders cannot arrive immediately.  From fire suppression and light search & rescue to medical and building triage, Council-certified personnel have knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines relevant to disaster management.  Working as part of the regular staff of any business, they develop and maintain procedures and chains of command that enable the company to maintain order in the event of an emergency and provide first responders with an accurate assessment of the situation when they arrive.



BERT – Recognized Emergency Preparedness Equipment and Supplies. Established in 1983 and with branch offices in the Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle areas, Abatix has grown into a nationally recognized supplier of products for the General Construction, Industrial Safety, Petrochemical, Energy, Environmental, Hospital, Fire and Water Restoration, and Disaster Response industries supporting customers across the nation.


Est.: 9/11/2008 • Corporate EIN #91-2120506

Community Emergency Management, Inc. dba  BERT – Emergency Operations Management

SB/DVBE # 2003448 • DUNS 178872029 •

CAGE 8F4E1 • FEMA SID 0002352592

NAICS: 541610 – 611430 – 541612

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