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Anaheim, CA  92831

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What distinguishes BERT from others?

The BERT leadership team is agile, innovative, technologically advanced and passionate about making a difference for each individual in an organization. 

What do we do?

We are an organization dedicated to alleviating fear while saving life and limb.  The goal is reduced OSHA claims, comfort in general knowledge to handle potentially terrible incidents, and to help organizations effectively meet the three main OSHA mandates:  Injury/Illness Prevention, Emergency Operations Management & Workplace Violence Prevention.

Our clients receive individualized plans to meet their specific goals and objectives.

When did we start?

We have been alleviating fear since the graduation of our first training on 9/11/2008. 

Where do we offer training?

While our corporate offices are in Southern California, we have presented our lifesaving principles from as far as El Salvador to Anguilla, BVI.  Our hybrid programs meet your need instantly wherever in the world your facilities are located.

Why did we create BERT?

We came to being when we realized that there is a need to support small and mid-sized businesses that must meet federal standards without breaking the bank.

How is our training offered?

There are online courses, live and hybrid training workshops, and ready-resources available for all of our clients.

How do we build emergency response teams?

Since 2008, BERT has trained hundreds of men and women in emergency preparedness planning. BERT offers a comprehension course program that is based on FEMA and OSHA standards.

What types of clients have been helped?

Our clients come from healthcare, schools, high-hazard organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, houses of faith, public agencies, and quasi-public agencies.

What is the main goal of the Emergency Operations training?

We teach them to know what to do before and during a natural or man-made disaster, to help themselves and others until first responders arrive. Examples include employee injury and illness emergencies, fires, power-outages, earthquakes, active shooter attacks and terrorist attacks. This training also includes instruction that helps the client recover and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

What is included in the online curriculum?

Our curriculum provides scalable options for customers, which include:

A full instructional course, containing twelve (12) modules. Topics include:  (^).  This course is delivered in a multimedia format, including live instruction and hands-on demonstrations facilitated by experts, along with audio/visual presentations.  Every participant receives a complete course workbook (consumable) to use during, and to keep after the training.

What is the overriding focus of the programs offered?

Training primarily focuses on a train-the trainer format. After their training, the Safety Management Team members, in-turn, train their own departments, sections or small office employee groups.

Our programs also offers assessment tests and different formats to ensure that participants have acquired the expected knowledge and skills.

What is BERT/TitanHST?

This is the communication system that takes the BERT training and pairs it with a state-of-the art communication system, using a mobile phone APP. The APP is the tool that effectively links individuals with the entire organization, and their families at home. 


Est.: 9/11/2008 • Corporate EIN #91-2120506

Community Emergency Management, Inc. dba  BERT – Emergency Operations Management

SB/DVBE # 2003448 • DUNS 178872029 •

CAGE 8F4E1 • FEMA SID 0002352592

NAICS: 541610 – 611430 – 541612

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