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BERT saves lives.

Our mission is to make sure that every employee, patient, customer and contractor goes home the same way they came in this morning -- safely and without injury.

Safety is not about checking a box - It’s about saving lives.

BERT is an integrated safety training program that reaches all levels of the company to create a culture of safety that transforms, rather than just gets by.

BERT is an approach that goes deeper and works smarter than any other training program on the market.

BERT is like a seed that grows - not up, but outward to become a sphere  of influence that is continuous and always evolving.

Each course is customized to the demands and the issues of the company itself. The workshops themselves are dynamic because the people within them are.

BERT doesn’t tell what to do in a crisis. BERT teaches them how to think. Safety is a mindset and not a set of to-dos

When emergencies happen, plans are forgotten and things go awry. But when safety is part of the culture, lives can be saved and disaster averted.

BERT saves lives, reduces near misses and costly mistakes, and mitigates OSHA fines. What’s more, BERT makes organizations strive to be better and reach higher.

BERT works because the trainers have been there. They have real-world experience and know what it’s like to be in the middle of a crisis. They speak with authority and participants listen.

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  • Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Planning
  • Business Emergency Action Planning (BEAP)
  • Injury Illness Prevent Planning (IIPP)
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Planning in Healthcare (WVPP) California 

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Est.: 9/11/2008 • Corporate EIN #91-2120506

Community Emergency Management, Inc. dba  BERT – Emergency Operations Management

SB/DVBE # 2003448 • DUNS 178872029 •

CAGE 8F4E1 • FEMA SID 0002352592

NAICS: 541610 – 611430 – 541612

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