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With our workshops, your leadership will discover and understand how to infuse OSHA safety concepts and responsibilities into his or her individual sphere of influence, which eventually will permeate throughout the entire organization.

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Wm. F. “Bill” Cunningham, Jr.

CEOP | USCG- Vet | Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer

Bill is your guy.  Whether Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, Council-Certified Emergency Operations Professional, Veteran Entrepreneur, or Team Rubicon USA greyshirt trainer, if your passion is safety and people, it aligns with his.

As a professional tall ship sailor in the U.S. Coast Guard, he learned the intricacies of literally hundreds of moving pieces and people working together.

In his litigation career, with more than 35 years’ experience as a Law Firm Administrator guiding over 4,000 businesses through the litigation process, that work required digging into a client’s business at an intimate level that brought insights to its weakness and operational needs so that potential future litigation was mitigated.

Working as a volunteer in the Santa Ana Urban Area for the DHS Urban Area Strategic Initiative brought amazing and rewarding success in bringing businesses together to help each other. Several businesspeople realized that as responsible business-people their purpose is to help themselves until First Responders arrive.

On 9/11/2008, with the help and encouragement of several leaders, Bill established BERT – Emergency Operations Management. With his innate ability and experience to bond with all sizes of businesses and all levels of management, the common description is one of “..making the material come alive” He is a nationally certified Emergency Operations Professional from ACAC.org.

BERT Supports Safety teams inside any company or organization to implement and expand their influence to develop a culture of safety using state of the art technology in APPs and training programs. Using EMERGALINK, companies can tie themselves together to help each other in any systemic emergency. BERT has grown into a strong, viable resource for OSHA compliance and VPP designated companies.

As a respected consultant in the OSHA mandate environment, he has deftly guided clients through GAP analysis and comprehensive implementation of Injury Illness Prevention Programs, exploration of aspirational OSHA credentials in the VPP – Voluntary Protection Program and SHARP – Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Programs and the new WVPP – Workplace Violence/Intruder Prevention mandate. He has presented at local and regional VPP and safety conferences on the importance of a culture of safety as a basis of good business practices.


Est.: 9/11/2008 • Corporate EIN #91-2120506

Community Emergency Management, Inc. dba  BERT – Emergency Operations Management

SB/DVBE # 2003448 • DUNS 178872029 •

CAGE 8F4E1 • FEMA SID 0002352592

NAICS: 541610 – 611430 – 541612

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