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For VPP sites it is easy to lose sight of a deadline that’s just around the corner. Yes, that’s right. By February 15th of each year, VPP participants must submit their Annual SelfEvaluation, to their regional VPP Manager. The annual report reflects the previous calendar years’ experience.

Why does it matter?

If your business or work site is part of the VPP Star Program, you have certainly earned this prestigious, aspirational designation by OSHA. Your site has shown excellence in occupational safety and health. However, safety experts remind us that even the best of the best who have reached “The Star” standard, cannot consider it a “one and done”. 

To clarify, even if your business or site is not scheduled for its 3-5 year OSHA formal reevaluation, you still must complete and submit an Annual VPP Self-Evaluation report. The VPP Annual Self-Evaluation is contained in Appendix A of OSHA’s VPP Policies and Procedures Manual, which is available on OSHA’s VPP webpage.

What is included in the VPP Annual Self-Evaluation Report?

The reporting burden for this collection of information and reporting is estimated to an average of 20 hours. It is never too early to begin gathering data, particularly for your DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) rates. These are a critical part of the report and are directly related to particular types of Workers’ Compensation injuries.

During their annual, national conference, VPP leaders re-inforce that each VPP business or worksite must demonstrate that its employees, including managers, union representatives, supervisors, and line workers, are working together to build a “culture of safety”. This is much more than a numbers game. In your annual report, you must show improvement over your previous health and safety performance.

We at BERT Workplace Safety Solutions have especially recognized the significance of Section D of the VPP Annual Self-Evaluation submission document. It requires that you write a narrative, describing the effectiveness of each of the four elements (and their sub-elements) of your safety and health management system. Moreover, Section F asks VPP Participants to share their Best Practices and Success Stories.


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In light of these requirements, the BERT Team has been inspired to develop and offer a new safety training course product. We call it OSHA 10-Hour PLUS (+) VPP. This course is taught by an authorized OSHA 10-Hour trainer, PLUS an ADDED UNIT on the Four Elements of the VPP Star Program. This course reaches above and beyond the minimum requirements of OSHA standards. The added VPP unit assists employers in employee awareness of and commitment to VPP standards.

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