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The symptoms of trauma are sometimes subtle. You might have feelings of irritability or anger toward your family, your co-workers, or others, or you might blame others for causing your irritability.  There are some who think, irrationally, that they themselves are the blame for everything that happens.

Often one does not want to be a part of the team, they are withdrawn or they indicate a preference to be alone.  There is also the fear of recurrence. Some feel stunned, numb, overwhelmed, helpless and unable to do anything about it. There are mood swings, sadness, depression, grief, then a high of everything is fine, a feeling of euphoria.

Denying that the incident occurred is another sign of post-disaster trauma and often lack of concentration and memory problems develop. Relationships are shattered or damaged.

If any of these signs of post-disaster trauma surface, they should be dealt with quickly.

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