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1- Relax your thought as you are moving about
2- Prep the car, remove everything from the trunk in case you need to quickly throw valuables in it.
3- Keep devices charged
4- Take a walk around the house with a video camera.
5- If you have time now, take pictures of scrapbook pages and photographs
6- Pre-pack for a 5-day trip including pillow, blanket and warm clothes
7- Close fireplace flue
8- Take a deep breath to help thoughts and ideas to come to you
9- Remove the car from garage in case of power loss (understand how to open garage door without power)
10- Have a destination and multiple ways to get there.
11- Put medications in a travel bag
12- Set bags by departure door, or pre-load the car
12- Set up a group text so you can keep communications with your worried family as simple as possible.
13- pause, breath and consider.  If you leave your neighborhood, you likely will not get back for any reason
14- Pre load internet pages you want to follow onto your devices
15- Expect traffic, relax and go with it.

Reach out to us to help lay out a detailed plan for you and your family, company, business, house of worship:  www.BERTinc.org or dial 844/808-3834

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