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We at BERT get into the weeds with our clients, literally and figuratively, no matter how much elbow grease is needed. We strive to ensure our clients have a well-rounded sense of preparedness. BERT works: Our guidance helped prevent a much greater disaster at our client’s facility.

On July 30, 2021, a witness at our client’s facility stated that a tent near the facility was engulfed in flames. Moreover, the fire was quickly crawling up the two hillsides. The fire was north of the facility and adjacent to the Audubon Society. It also crawled deep into the canyon.  

With intervention from a sprinkler system, the fire slowed as it approached the facility. The system was controlled by an electric switch along a back pathway. Two members of our client’s staff directed the sprinklers to the flames.

Thanks to guidance from BERT, the facility made the necessary improvements to the pathway just 10 days before the incident. 

There was great concern about the fire increasing in intensity. The call for full facility evacuation was about to be made within minutes when firefighters were seen coming down the hill from the Audubon site. Simultaneously, helicopters performed drops and the fire deflected away from facility property. 

In the building, one patient was moved to the Activity Room in the abundance of caution. At this time, an emergency phone system was activated, and management was kept apprised. At about the two-hour mark, the fire department completed its wrap-up and secured the fire.

L.A. news station KNX made a report on July 30: “Firefighters were predicting it could possibly get up to 40 acres… about 90 firefighters were battling the flames.”

BERT works to uphold our mission and save lives. Without BERT’s involvement, the outcome could have been far more disastrous. It is fully possible to implement skills and training like this for your company. We at BERT strive to give you the tools to know that safety is achievable.

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