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In an emergency, the command structure describes who is in charge. The Emergency Manager sets up a command post which is communicated to everybody. Making sure your emergency team can find you is key. As simple as it may sound, a suggestion would be to get to the bed of a pickup truck. It can be moved as necessary, while providing the elevation to properly keep tabs on the incident at hand.

Any emergency response should adapt to the situation. You can always expand or contract the scope as needed, especially as new information presents itself to you. Of course, the primary focus at all times and under all circumstances is safety. Communicate that everyone needs to take care of themselves, their co-workers, their families, their homes, and their neighbors. Remember, if you and your employees don’t take care of home and family first, both you and your workers are going to be detached and unengaged. In terms of priority, family safety follows right behind individual safety.

When an emergency takes place, the Emergency Manager should set up a staging area. It may be set up at a previously-planned area, but circumstances force changes outside of this plan. Everyone should proceed to staging areas or stationing at the command post. Get your key Team Leaders’ attention and have them begin building their own teams of five or less. Then, begin the assignment of duties and responsibilities.  At this time, begin the roll-call to identify who is present and who is not from the business roles. In summary, the Emergency Manager organizes the groups and assignments, prioritize the actions to be taken, and commences documentation as soon as he or she is established. 

Organization is flexible and evolves based on new information in the case of an emergency; moreover, the scope can also expand or contract in response. Not sure where to start? This where BERT can help guide your company or organization through formulating the right course of action in the case of an emergency. Contact us for a consultation today!

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