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Self-preparedness is a significant part of emergency preparedness. Learn about community alerts, warnings, and evacuation routes; furthermore, make sure everybody knows what they are. Take some training classes offered by local community and first responders. Practice skills and personal plans. Be more prepared at home as you are at work. If your family is not safe at home, your mind is not going to be at work.  

Network and help others’ neighborhood watches or business watches. Get together and help each other; become a team to mitigate problems. And, give good feedback to the community. Show them that you’re prepared, and you will be held in higher regard. 

You may even get more business out of it because your community members will know that you are likely not to go out of business thanks to your preparedness during an emergency. Fifty percent of businesses fail after a major emergency, largely due to a lack of preparation. You are different. You’re back up in the wake of an emergency, your people have still got their jobs, and the community is going to be stronger because of you.

Additionally, report suspicious activity. That is very important. If you witness a suspicious person loitering around, an unknown vehicle circling around, or someone taking an excessive amount of photos nearby, you might want to contact the police and have them assess the situation. Do not approach them yourselves; you never know what that suspicious person might have with them, or what they might intent to do. This is a task best left to trained law enforcement.

Volunteer to undergo special drills. If you have a city or countywide emergency drill, volunteer to participate. The greatest benefit to come out of this experience is getting to know people in your community while observing different perspectives and approaches to emergency situations. Through self-preparedness, you can not only make your work and home environment safer, but also contribute to the safety of your community.

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