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 “The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) saves private sector employers $257 million and public sector employers $30 million in workers’ compensation, insurance, and lost time costs. More than that, VPP saves lives and gets workers everywhere home to their families and friends. The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, Inc. (VPPPA) is a leader in worksite and worker safety and health advocacy through an established presence in each OSHA region, promoting a constructive and productive dialogue between labor, management, and regulators. VPPPA Chairperson Terry Schulte said, “The members of VPPPA are a passionate group of safety professionals who have dedicated their professional lives to ensuring the health, welfare, and safety of workers everywhere. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the VPP and therefore the introduction of the VPP Act (H.R. 2363),” said Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association

This bill would allow the Secretary of Labor to establish a program of entering into cooperative agreements with employers to encourage the establishment of comprehensive safety and health management systems that include:

  1. requirements for systematic assessment of hazards;
  2. comprehensive hazard prevention, mitigation, and control programs;
  3.  active and meaningful management and employee participation in the voluntary program described in subsection (b); and
  4. employee safety and health training.
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