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Your Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is vital, and is built around continually asking yourself questions. You want to assign responsibility to organizations and individuals. There are different possibilities: you may have a fire brigade or some group that takes care of disasters like your facilities people or something similar, or you may have something in name or word only. It is important to have floor wardens or some logical organizational structure to managing an emergency. And then, you have individuals who are assigned and responsible for involvement within that organization.

You want to set forth lines of authority, establish what kind of authority they have in those individual groups, and most importantly, ensure the ways people will be properly protected. Do you have equipment for these people in positions of authority? Are they trained properly? It is important to continually ask yourself these questions throughout the process.

All of these things are part of being protected. How are you going to describe how people and property will be protected? Moreover, how are you going to protect your property? What are you going to do mitigate a potential disaster? It could be as simple as: you know a storm is coming, so begin the sandbag process — that’s mitigation. However, you still must have a plan for that. Who is going to do it? Do you hire it out, or do you have your own people do it?  

And you want to identify personal equipment and facilities, supplies and other resources. You’ve got to know what you have. What’s in your toolbox? Do you have the personnel that you can do it with? Do you have the equipment? Is your facility set up for it? Do you have supplies, water, food, hand tools, safety equipment and other resources to handle any situation until first responders arrive?

When you think of answers to these questions, you should write them down in a secure notebook or document. These pages should be completely fluid, and continually added to and refined. Learn more about the importance of an EOP from this piece by EHS Today, an occupational health and safety magazine.

Have gaps in your responses to these questions? Want to refine your responses to reflect a concise, structured emergency plan? BERT can help. Contact us for a free consultation!

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