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Amidst the unpredictability of an emergency, you may find yourself needing to shelter in place. Identify an internal room that is safer on the inside. Make sure there are necessities such as food and water, and other helpful items such as first-aid equipment and male and female sanitary supplies. A situation may arise where you might have to stay for several hours, so readily-accessible supplies would be extremely helpful to have.

In some instances it might be necessary to shelter for an extended stay of several days, up to two weeks.  Frankly, most facilities don’t have enough food and water and supplies to stay for two days. However, regarding the storage of emergency supplies, there are many different methods such as storing them in a sealed container or barrel. It is important to minimize the risk of water damage or other contaminants that could threaten the sterility and usability of these items.

Have a shelter identified in some place in your business that can accommodate a large amount of people. Place  three-day disaster kits in the shelter; furthermore, as long as this shelter does not get damaged, then it is safe to store your supplies in there. Disaster kits do have a shelf life, however, and it is important to keep this in mind and replaces your kits and supplies accordingly so as to not threaten the integrity of the product.

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