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Fortifications are an important and continuous part of the emergency preparedness process. Fortifying your business against varying non-structural hazards will also help prevent the risk of greater incidents in the future. Building fires can be initiated from failures in sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, and fire alarms. If your area is prone to landslides and mudslides, such as in hilly or mountainous terrains, look into constructing retaining walls to keep subsequent damage to a minimum.

In regard to wildfires, make sure your business is not constructed with wooden roof shakes. Old shake roofing and even new shake roofing burn well, putting your business at direct risk. Moreover, it is instrumental to box in the soffit (underside) of your eaves, which is the portion that creates a roof overhand. This way, the eaves will not create open spaces in which embers can ignite and start a fire. Of course, natural fire sources such as lightning, and extreme heat and winds should also be considered when incorporating fortifications.

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