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According to the ISO 20000, a standard for service management, the goal of incident management is “to restore agreed service to the business as soon as possible or to respond to service requests.” Furthermore, this goal can be directly applied to any issue that may arise, particularly in the case of an emergency.

With incident management, you as the Emergency Manager want to maintain the safety of the people that you are working with, or working for you —  your disaster workers.  

Remember, they changed from regular employees to disaster workers in a time of emergency.  As a result, all relationships and normal means of doing business become moot.

You want to provide clear leadership and organizational structure when selecting your emergency management team beforehand. For times that you may not be on-site, or become tired or incapacitated, other Emergency Managers must be available to step in.

In that selection or training process, you do not need somebody on your team that adopts a laissez faire approach. You need somebody that can take charge and make decisions. Throughout this, you want them to primarily focus on keeping your people safe.

Moreover, you want to improve the effectiveness of the rescue efforts. If you do not have clear leadership and organizational structure, then the effectiveness of your rescue efforts is going to be hurt in the process. Plus, you are going to lose the confidence of your people working for you.  And, others will not follow key direction. 

BERT can help your company or organization with structuring an incident management plan and emergency response team. Clear leadership and a well-structured, well-practiced course of action is absolutely essential in any emergency or natural disaster situation. Have questions? Feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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