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Documentation provides all the information in a concrete, recorded manner — this is essential, especially in an emergency. Divide the documentation between your team leaders. Set it up so that they continually provide the command post with information. Jot things down! Keep the given information in a written format.

You want to identify the command post, documentation situation status, incident location, and access routes on a physical map. Make sure to identify hazards and where your support locations are located. Where are your equipment and supplies that your team needs to do the job? Use the ICS form 214, which can be found on the FEMA website alongside other ICS forms. This form will likely provide instant credibility to a first responder if handed off upon arrival. 

Remember, your team is writing down on a piece of paper information that could be used for a FEMA reimbursement or any kind of a federal aid, or even as documentation for your insurance company. Sooner or later any of the resulting damage or injuries are going to require involvement with the insurance company or some type of reimbursement. Therefore, keeping this documentation is perfect because now you will have a chronological, contemporaneous order of what is happening and has happened.

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