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OSHA Emergency Action Planning.  It is so much more than compliance.  How do you plan and care for your clients, customers, employees and their families.

In one Orange County city there are 60 on-duty first responders for 600 thousand residents. Consider the ramifications in a systemic emergency where resources are spread thin and cities are unable to support each other through mutual aid. BERT’s training expands greatly upon the CERT program to incorporate its principles into a business emergency plan. It also offers specific strategies to invest in emergency training for companies’ employees and provides the box-by-box advantages shown in a moment. BERT instructors are compensated, active, and retired first responders who have a specialty in public training. The average online BERT class costs only twelve dollars and fifty cents per hour per student. We believe that by alleviating fear in any emergency through proper training, we can actually become a force for good to tangibly support our community by taking care of ourselves.

Check out more details on our <page>.  And, OSHA does have a requirement to have a written plan if you have more than 10-employees. For information from them <click>

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