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The BERT name has now evolved to Building Emergency Response Teams, but it also works clearly when identifying how to react to any emergency whatsoever. In the case of an emergency, you have to think fast — and this is where BERT can help.

“B” – Be calm and take control of yourself. 

“E”- Evaluate and plant. 

“R”- Review for safety concerns.

“T”- Take action. 

Figure out what your whole issue is, or the whole item that you are dealing with. You want to assess everything that is going on before you start planning. You have to understand the scope of the incident. Notice that you have to have yourself calm, and you have to have the chance to properly evaluate the situation. You have to have a plan and you have to review that plan for safety before you can formulate the proper response. It comes back to that silly premise that we argue so often, to do something without being part of the problem. And you have to review for safety, otherwise you will become part of the problem. BERT offers specialized courses for a large variety of emergencies and natural disasters, as well as safety compliance and training. With proper training from BERT Safety Teams, you can ensure that you will be able to do all these things efficiently while avoiding the issue of becoming the problem. As proof of BERT’s applicability, you can view our previous clients and their testimonials here.

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