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Mitigation to any emergency begins with preparation.

Begin by evaluating your home.  Identify the most common emergencies that occur fire, flood, tornado, snow, power outage, etc.  Those are common things that usually happen every year somewhere; fortunately emergencies move around the globe; they do come back around.

You should have a notebook for planning, use a simple $.50 composition book.  Please open a page in your notebook and title it:  Hazards.  We will address how to mitigate them

  • Identify the possible hazards with the most severe impact:
  • Flood, what would it do?  It just destroys everything of course.
  • For snow, make sure there is a water, heat, food and light source
  • Consider the recent and historical impacts geographically in your area.  If you live in California that is prone to earthquakes, you know they don’t have them all the time, but when they do, they can be severe.  You should make specific preparations to take care of your family until first responders arrive.
  • Identify susceptible locations in your home for specific hazards.  Double strap your water heater so that during an earthquake it doesn’t fall over; gas leaks start as the natural gas line breaks.
  • If you are in a wildfire area, do you have debris close to the outside walls of your house?  Do you have a shake roof?  Are your eaves open or boxed in?
  • For any of these, consider what to expect from disruption of utility service.  What’s going to happen when the power goes out?  Are you prepared?  Do you have candles, do you have flashlights, and do you have a battery operated or solar operated radio so you can keep in touch or find out what’s happening in your local area?  What’s the disruption of service going to do to you?  How is it going to affect each of your family members individually?

On the notebook Hazard page, list each hazard then put the person-by-person affect it would have on your family (along with a plan and backup) then list the resolution, mitigation or handling of the hazard.

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