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Thomas Paine, searching for a way to describe the events unfolding around him in 1776, wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Those words have resounded through history, applicable so often when men and women have faced incredible odds. When America was divided in two by war, when evil threatened the world from the heart of Nazi Germany, and when nuclear war haunted mankind’s dreams, those words reminded people that others had faced such odds before and won.

Today our fears revolve around new threats: terrorism, shootings, and disasters both natural and man-made. Since September 11th, 2001, and the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, people have become more nervous and worry about what might come next around the corner. Despite this, in the face of events like the Fukushima nuclear disaster, or the Paris massacre less than three months ago, people have time and again rallied together in strength, displaying the best part of humanity for all to see. But, unprepared and unsuspecting, this unity and strength always ebb away, leaving people fearful again for the future…

BERT has a vision of a world without fear. Training businesses and employees in the proper methods for dealing with every kind of disaster, we see a future where everyone knows what to do in any emergency situation. Trouble always comes eventually, but by knowing what to do when nature and man threaten to do us harm we can avoid living in fear and being caught unprepared. Our BERT program is designed to make people assets when disaster strikes, allowing them to help themselves and first responders deal with fires, earthquakes, outages, floods, attacks, storms and other threats. And of course, because nobody can feel safe if their loved ones are in danger, we provide training for the home as well as the workplace, ensuring that your employees feel secure no matter what the emergency is.

Our hope is that by working with businesses we can make you, your employees, the nation and ultimately the world feel safe, secure and strong. They say life is short, but it isn’t really. It is very long, and in the decades ahead men’s souls will be tried again. When that time comes everyone will want something to fight back against those threats. We hope you meet danger with our sword in your hands.