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What’s the difference between CERT and BERT?  And more importantly why is fee-based BERT necessary when CERT is available for free?

First, the BERT program is always developing and perfecting itself. Our program was created for business people by business people, and we understand the time commitments and unique financial needs that companies have that make involvement in public sector programs difficult. Meeting a payroll with limited resources is a daily requirement for many businesses, large or small.

On the other hand, CERT is a nationally known, public, and highly respected FEMA program designed to help individuals learn how to prepare themselves and their neighbors for any emergency. The program’s cost to the taxpayer is substantial. Paid for by Federal Grants, CERT is offered through local first responder organizations and is a highly effective program.

But despite the impressive efforts of first responders, they do not have enough resources to meet the business and family needs of emergency planning. Government resources are limited and unable to accomplish everything the public would like. This is especially true for the business community. After reviewing detailed statistics and resources, we came to the conclusion that with the physical and financial resources available at this point businesses and families simply need to learn how to take care of themselves until first responders arrive after any emergency. So we created BERT, a private, non-profit, business friendly alternative to CERT. We use no public funding, and offer family training for free to graduates, allowing us to fill the gaps CERT leaves behind and create safer, stronger, and prepared communities.