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By definition an emergency is an unforeseen event or condition requiring prompt action. The key word here is unforeseen. No one can foresee or predict certain events as an earthquake, a terrorist attack or an active shooter. No one wants to think about it. It is human nature to avoid what one believes cannot be predicted or controlled. What those of us at BERT International Inc. have come to realize, and why we have come to create this emergency preparedness training program, is because we know that any disaster or crisis cannot be predicted. Yet, it can be managed to reduce the human fear of what we cannot control, and in turn provide business leaders and their employees with the tools and the mind-set needed to survive and recover. Effective emergency preparedness training can help to save lives, reduce property loss – and help businesses get back on their feet after an incident. How cannot that be one of the wisest and most prudent investments today’s leaders can make?

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