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BV: COVID/PANDEMIC Prevention Policy & Practices 06/01/2021


BERT has endeavored to provide the most comprehensive course deliverables as possible.  Government agencies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and state & local agencies will have later or potentially conflicting directives.  The Safety Officer for my facility should be continually aware of any newer or conflicting information and update me as necessary on my organization’s position.  

At Broadview, our patients should expect that their quality of life and safety be paramount in the minds of all who come onsite for any reason.  The following directives are assigned to staff, contractors, and visitors with the absolute expectation that it is everyone’s individual responsibility to be as diligent as possible in following good safety practices to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to each other, or to our patients.

  • EVERYONE (Staff/Contractors/Visitors)
    1. Masks (not scarves, etc.) are required from the time exiting a vehicle to leaving property.
    2. Always maintain six-foot social distancing.
    3. Temperatures will be taken and logged daily. It must read 100.3 or less to enter or begin work.
    4. * Screening questions will be asked, and honest answers expected.
    5. All must clean hands throughout the day using sanitizer stations and soap in restrooms.

In addition to the other practices on this page, we have the following special ones that must be adhered to for visitors and contractors entering certain areas on the property.

  1. Prior arrangements and permission are required for each visit. Please be prompt.
  2. No more than three family members may leave the vehicle at any time.
  3. Ring intercom at front door for screening.
  4. Everyone will be issued a visitor name tag/lanyard.
  5. Visitors will be escorted to the location where the visit will take place.
  6. The contractor will remain in his/her work area, as appropriate.
  7. All must check out and return lanyard/name tag upon completion to designated area.
  • INSIDE PATIENT ROOMS (Non CSN personnel only)
    1. Gown, Gloves and Second mask.
    2. Top mask to be replaced when soiled.
  • YELLOW (quarantined) RESTRICTED ZONES CSN ONLY (potentially positive individuals are housed)
    1. Paper mask over KN95, gloves and gown
    2. Paper mask and gown should be disposed of when leaving room.
    1. Any observed hazard must be reported immediately.
    2. Take a picture and email description, with your name, to safety@CSbroadview.org
    3. Place a cone or alert others to the safety issue.
    4. Keep equipment and work areas always sanitized.
    1. Verbally report symptoms or positive test result to onsite supervisor, unreturned email or text is insufficient.
    2. Complete COVID-19 report form
    3. Safely isolate yourself while waiting for instructions (See separate policy/ training).
    1. Stay home as much as possible.
    2. Limit gatherings or public events.
    3. Avoid public transportation and non-essential travel.
    4. Use face coverings when in public.
    5. Avoid physical contact with others.
  • INNOCULATIONS: You may advise Administration of being vaccinated; it does not change any of these practices.
  • Any variance from the above practices must be pre-approved by the Exec or CSN Director in writing.

Thank you for adhering to these practices.

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