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Safe Lifting/Bending/Back Injury Prevention

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BERT has endeavored to provide the most comprehensive course deliverables as possible.  Government agencies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and state & local agencies will have later or potentially conflicting directives.  The Safety Officer for my facility should be continually aware of any newer or conflicting information and update me as necessary on my organization’s position.  



  • It contains narrated testable slides and moves forward at approximately 30-seconds per slide. There is a comprehensive test at the end, and it is important to know that 80% passing is required.

  • If you do not pass, you will need to contact the administrator for a reset. In that case, the following examinations are different.

  • This is not a casual course to play in the background, or multi-task through it.  Each of the points is important, and not only does OSHA require it, we care about you and your well-being.  It is unlikely that you will pass even if you believe you know the content well.

  • Please pay close attention and pause or rewind as necessary to take notes

  • Once complete, click on the quiz, then print the certificate

  • Put into practice what you learned today, and share the information with your family and coworkers.

  • Let’s be safe!

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