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Our online safety training courses and lessons are designed to develop a culture of safety in the workplace.


These courses and lessons are in continual development.  Those with an exclamation mark are the highest priority for us at this time.  If you have specific needs outside of these, please contact us and we will work together to achieve those results.

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Accident Investigation

Supervisors, risk managers, managers, human resources.

Perform effective investigations following an accident to determine root causes thereby preventing future loses.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §3203

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Aerial Devices/Lifts Operation

Electricians, building maintenance, HVAC technicians, telecommunication personnel, construction public works, plumbers, roofers.

Discusses the various types of aerial lifts including articulating and telescoping boom lifts, bucket trucks, rough terrain lifts, and scissors lifts. Provides detailed information regarding load centers, stability, capacity, fall protection, and inspection requirements. 

Regulatory Reference: T8, Article 24

Approximate Duration: 4 hours

Asbestos Awareness

Facility maintenance, janitorial staff, anyone who works around ACMs

Learn about asbestos in the environment, including the hazards associated with exposure and where it can be found in buildings. This course is designed for persons who do not disturb asbestos containing materials.

Regulatory Reference: GSO: T8, §5208
CSO: T8, §1529

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Back Injury Prevention

Receiving and stocking personnel, office storage and archival areas, field personnel

Understand basic body mechanics and safe lifting practices to prevent injuries.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Bloodborne Pathogens – Awareness Level

All employees, heavy machinery, recreation staff, field personnel

Learn about common blood borne diseases and how to prevent exposures and transmission in the workplace.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5193

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Bloodborne Pathogens – Operations Level (Health Department Employees Who Work With Needle Sticks)

Nurses, those who render first aid, EMT, clinicians, transportation of the elderly & disabled personnel

Review common illness transmitted through bodily fluids and importance of exercising universal precautions, including decontamination, vaccination, and reporting procedures.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5193

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Concrete/Masonry Work – Silica Exposure Prevention

Sidewalk maintenance, brick layers, tile cutters, street crews, cement workers, dental technicians

Covers work practices most at risk and lung diseases associated with exposure. Explains site specific equipment and safe work practices to reduce exposures.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1530.1

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Confined Space Entry – Operations Level

Water production & distribution, refinery workers, treatment plant personnel, utility personnel, and contractors

Learn specific roles and responsibilities for safe entry into confined spaces. Understand when a “permit entry” is required, how to complete entry permits, and perform atmospheric testing.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5156-5158

Approximate Duration: 4 hours

Confined Space Entry – Operations Level With Emergency Rescue

Employees who would respond to a confined spaces rescue

Includes all Confined Space Operations Level course material including emergency rescue procedures

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5156-5158

Approximate Duration: 8 hours

Crane Operation (Floor Operated)

Mechanics, loading dock, warehouse,

Learn specific crane components, functions, and types. Review inspection requirements, safe-work practices, and how to identify crane hazards.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5009

Approximate Duration: 4 hours

Electrical Safety/Lockout-Tagout – Awareness Level

Office personnel, Non-authorized employees

Learn how to safeguard against electrical hazards from overloading circuits to temporary wiring and safe extension cord use. Learn basic properties of electricity and common mistakes that can lead to fires and electrocutions.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Electrical Safety/Lockout-Tagout – Operations Level

Electricians, facility maintenance pump operators, water distribution and production personnel.

Review electricity principals and specific LOTO procedures. Includes identifying the many different types of equipment and system energy sources, energized parts, and selection of proper isolation devices. Be prepared to review written, equipment/system-specific procedures.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Fall Protection

Building maintenance, window washers, construction/erection crews, HVAC technicians, building inspectors, roofers, painters, banner hangers, employees who work from elevated locations

Understand the differences between positioning, fall restraint, and fall protection including component configurations and inspection and storage procedures. Includes discussion of ladders and excavations as it relates to fall protection.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1669-1671.2 GSO T8 3209

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Fire Science and Extinguisher Use

All employees office and field

Understand the differences among fire types and selection, placement, and inspection requirements for extinguishers. Includes hands on demonstration provided adequate notice is given to coordinate with local Fire Department or AQMD.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §6151

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Four Most Common Respiratory Hazards

Construction & excavation crews. Employees who wear respirators or enter confined spaces.

Discusses chemical properties, health effects, and protective measures for oxygen deficiency, hydrogen sulfide, dust, and carbon monoxide poisoning

Regulatory Reference: n/a

Approximate Duration: 1 hours

Hazard Communication

All employees

Learn how the information on an MSDS/SDS is practical and relevant to protecting yourself from chemical hazards. Understand basic PPE and exposure guidelines and labeling requirements. Includes site-specific chemical hazards (e.g., benzene, etc)

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5194

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Hearing Conservation

Heavy equipment operators, landscapers, building maintenance, powered portable equipment users

How sound affects hearing, various hearing protection devices, testing requirements, and when hearing protection is required.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5095-5100

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Heat Illness Prevention

Field personnel and Supervisors

Learn what requirements apply to employers for the provision of shade, adequate drinking water, rest breaks. Also be able to identify the signs and symptoms of different heat-related illness and when and how to contact emergency medical services.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §3395

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Hot Work

Those who perform welding, brazing, torch cutting, grinding, concrete chipping operations

Discusses various regulations that including Oxygen, Acetylene, Gas Cylinders, Welding Fumes safe-work practices, and PPE.

Regulatory Reference: CSO T8, §1740-1743, §1536-1537 GSO T8, §4650, 4657, §4850-4853

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Injury Illness Prevention Program

All employees

Describes internal safety-related roles and responsibilities under Cal/OSHA for employers and employees alike.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §3203

Approximate Duration: n/a

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety

Confined space entrants and attendants, sanitation and treatment plant workers, animal control and refinery workers

Learn the dangers of hydrogen sulfide and methods of detection. Includes discussion of health effects and regulatory guidelines covering exposure.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5155

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Ladder Safety

All employees who work from ladders

Cal/OSHA regulations pertaining to ladders including selection, stabilization, maintenance, inspection, and storage procedures.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1675-1678

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Lead Awareness

Construction, renovation, demolition crews. Painters, welders and torch cutters. Anyone who could reasonably disturb lead-containing materials

The awareness class is designed for employees to understand the importance of avoiding disturbances to lead containing materials and when to seek additional assistance to prevent exposures.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1532.1

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Mold Awareness

Facilities personnel including plumbers, painters, building maintenance.

Understand the risks associated with moisture intrusion and the basic steps to handle such situations. Includes selection of PPE and safeguarding of employees in the surrounding area.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

New Employee Orientation

New Hires

Covers the primary 10 for new hires, including IIPP, HazCom, Office or Field Ergonomics, briefly touches on various Cal/OSHA regulations.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §3203

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Office Safety/Ergonomics

Office personnel; warehouse and distribution employees

Basic electrical, setting up a work station, including chair and lighting adjustments and prevention of repetitive motion injuries.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §5110

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

On-track (Railroad) Safety

Personnel working in or around rail yards or near tracks

Required by the Federal Railroad Administration to prevent injuries and deaths from being struck by a train or other on-track equipment.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Personal Protective Equipment Overview

Any employee who wears personal protective equipment

Covers PPE basics, including selection of proper head, foot, hand, eye, and hearing protective devices. Includes use, handling, storage, and maintenance procedures.

Regulatory Reference: CSO T8, §1514, §1520-1522
 GSO: T8, §3380-3385

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Scaffold Awareness

Facility maintenance, electricians, construction/renovation crews, plaster & stucco,

Understand the different types of scaffolding and requirements for erection, inspection, and safe work practices.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1637, §1640-1655, §1658-1667

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities

Supervisors, those recently promoted and Best Management Practice 2-year refresher

Understand your role and responsibility for those under your direction as a Supervisor under Cal/OSHA. Discussion of various regulations that address additional obligations for those in supervisory positions.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §

Approximate Duration: 2 hours

Traffic Control/Delineation

Road crews, sidewalk and landscape maintenance personnel, water distribution personnel

Use the California MUTCD to properly set up temporary traffic control zones based on roadway speed to protect workers in the right-of-way

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1598-1599 Vehicle Code Sections 21400 and 21401

Approximate Duration: 4 hours

Trenching and Excavation – Awareness Level

Landscapers, water production & distribution crews, construction & sanitation personnel, natural gas or telecommunication utilities,

Learn where and when Cal/OSHA requirements for excavations begin including soil classification, hazardous atmosphere testing, shoring, benching requirements, and how to conduct safety inspections.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §1539 – 1541.1

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

West Nile Virus

Field personnel, building inspectors, code enforcement, well and reservoir personnel, water distribution and production, parks and landscape, meter readers

Understand the pathology of West Nile Virus and the necessary information to disease prevent ion.

Regulatory Reference: n/a

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

Working Outdoors

Field personnel, meter readers, parks and recreation staff, road maintenance crews, well site workers, landscape and open space employees

Learn how to identify poisonous plants and common southern California dangerous animals. Pick up necessary skills and information to avoid injuries.

Regulatory Reference: T8, §3203

Approximate Duration: 1 hour

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