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Download COMPANION/Compliance BOOK: ComplianceBook 2.4 100917

Print this in duplex mode, put in binder.   The course is mostly an audio course..  The CompanionBook is critical to your success.   Before beginning Course, make sure you are ready to take notes in the book, pause the course as you think about issues, and complete the questions on the printed page for your business and your family.

IMPORTANT Quiz Notes:    Module one is the only one that allows for reset so that you can become familiar with the process.  Future modules require 60% passing rate and you may request manual reset from your teacher, if needed. The testing is professionally designed to reinforce the course delivery.



B1 Incident Command System

Length: 27 minutesComplexity: Standard

IMPORTANT Quiz Notes:    This module is the only one that allows for reset so that you can become familiar with the process.  Future modules require 60% passing rate and…

B2 Emergency Preparedness

Length: 43 minutesComplexity: Standard

This is the longest audio module.  We encourage you to stop the tape periodically to absorb the content and take notes. APP:  Complete and upload Facility Emergency Action Plan to…

B3: Medical Triage

Length: 36 minutesComplexity: Standard

“Fabcon’s participation in the B.E.R.T. program has given us valuable insight as we move forward with preparing our in-house “Emergency Response Plan”. We now have a better understanding as to…

B4: Fire Safety

Length: 38 minutesComplexity: Standard

“The … BERT program was a fantastic event, which I found to be informative and inspiring. The program instructors and the organizer (Bill Cunningham) were insightful teachers who gave us…

B5 Light Search & Rescue

Free Preview

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Standard

Initially I was “volunteered” for this class and really didn’t really expect much.  I have gone through CPR and First Aid training in the past and figured it would be very…

B6 Psychology of an Emergency

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Standard

This was a very productive time! Through hands-on activities, I learned how to save lives and property; the importance of communication and advance planning; the real value of our resources…

B8 Active Shooter

Length: 24 minutesComplexity: Standard

Before starting the course, we recommend you watch this DHS – funded video for the public. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VcSwejU2D0    

B10 Implementation

Comprehensive Emergency Plan provided for your consideration.  Nothing is intended to be specifically endorsed.  We provide options for consideration.  Proper insurance and legal considerations should be considered when implementing any…

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