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Course Category: Safety Training

  • All Staff Safety Training Lessons

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    • BERT All Staff Safety Training Courses - $195.00

    While specialized needs for safety training courses may vary from one business or industry to another, BERT has found that there is a list of "essential" lessons that apply to most organizations. Check out our list of online lessons that represent common "best sellers". Keep in mind that safety training is a "perishable skill". It requires a regular refresh approach. Our lesson content not only guides participants on step-by-step procedures, but also offers suggestions on how to document and track employee training to keep everyone up to date.

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  • COVID/Pandemic

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    • BERT COVID/Pandemic Courses - $195.00

    The State of California has put in place a new safety compliance mandate pursuant to an Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19, known as the COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP). This plan may stand alone or be incorporated into your existing Injury, Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). BERT has simplified the complex state regulations to help you craft necessary policies and procedures for the unique needs of your organization. See our online lessons that provide guidance on the essential day-to-day practices you need to keep everyone who enters your site stay safe.

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  • Fire/Evacuation Lessons

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    • BERT Fire/Evacuation Courses - $195.00

    Every organization needs an effective fire response and evacuation plan that includes training exercises for all employees. BERT offers a set of online lessons to help you know what to do in case of fires of all sizes and types. That includes electrical fires, structural fires, wild fires and fires triggered by earthquakes. BERT's course program is adapted from FEMA's universal, time-tested system, now used by governmental agencies and businesses across the country.

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