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BERT Emergency & Operations Management System Technical Summary

Capabilities Statement

Founded in 2001, Community Emergency Management, Inc. dba BERT  is a privately held, Service Disabled Veteran Enterprise corporation coordinating a team of agents, first responders, software engineers and consultants to deliver a system of operations and emergency management to a business or group of businesses.

BERT is an emergency and operations management system.  Our mission is to train civilians (online and in-person) how to effectively survive, respond to and document any emergency incident. Such incidents include near-miss accidents, injuries, illnesses, fire, earthquake and active shooter.

Our clients include the employees of public agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. For example, we provide training for administrators and teachers on public school campuses. We train Businesses’ OSHA Safety Compliance teams at their various facilities, and we also train staff and volunteers at senior residential communities.   A key part of BERT training includes incident communication tools using a state-of-the-art mobile phone APP.


Cal .Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise 2003448

DUNS:  178872029; Incorporation date:  3/26/2001; #91-2120506

NAICS: 54151, 62422, 624230, 611430, 453998, 561210, 922190, 213115, 213112, 611430, 611699, 541612, 541512, 541513, 541611, 541612, 541614, 561110, 922190, 926150, 611710, 624190, 923110, 926150, 541611, 925120

FEMA SID:  0002352592

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Geo Fence Technology

Using geo-fence technology in a secure app environment, your safety team knows instantly in an accident or any event who, what and where it is.  Further, as a whole population your team can visually observe if members are safe onsite or off.  With instant “near-misses” or “good jobs” your managers can then be advised, communicate and remotely manage the event with state-of-the-art tools using your trained civilians.

Course Curriculum / Ongoing reinforcement & Safety Team Development (by month)

  1. ICS   (February) | App: Downloading
  2. Emergency Planning (March) | App: Sending/Receiving Broadcast
  3. Medical Triage (April) | App: Review Emergency PDFs
  4. Fire Safety (May) | App: Sending Alert
  5. Search & Rescue (June) | App: Population Status
  6. Psychology
  7. Terrorism (July) | App: Near Miss / Good Job / Reporting
  8. Active Shooter (August) | App: Lock-down
  9. Family Safety (September) | App: Texting alerts
  10. Implementation (October)
  11. IIPP (Throughout)
  12. Professional Certifications (November)
  13. Equipment & Supplies (December)

Documents in hand

Have your Emergency plans, evacuation routes, OSHA Injury Illness Protection Program (IIPP) plans, and any other documents you deem appropriate, instantly into the hands of not only your trained people, but First Responders, in any incident big or small in any language. (templates included)


BERT is an employee engagement program that provides national credentials, structure, and a business platform to mitigate, document, and respond to anything from a “Near Miss” to a “Good Job” to an OSHA incident or a systemic emergency by enhancing a culture of communications and safety at any facility.

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For businesses BERT is designed to communicate the real-time status of any emergency, assist in medical situations, lock down a facility, locate potential missing persons, document the incident for reimbursement, and assist in the return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Further, with the TitanHST app it can be used as a company-wide instant communications system for any reason.  BERT is a stand-alone or post-CERT education and communications program that uses EMERGALINK™ to connect multiple facilities together.  It trains individual employees to care for themselves and others quickly and safely until professional First Responders arrive, and return to normal operations as soon as possible after they leave.

Identity of B.E.R.T.

Business Emergency Recovery Training

Business Emergency Response Team

Business Event Resiliency Training

Be calm | Evaluate Scope of incident | Review for safety | Take Action

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HQ:  14271 Jeffrey Road, Suite 409, Irvine, CA  92620

OC Training Center:  16122 Construction Circle, Irvine, CA  92606

LA Training Center:  10051 Painter Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670

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