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With our workshops, your leadership will discover and understand how to infuse OSHA safety concepts and responsibilities into his or her individual sphere of influence, which eventually will permeate throughout the entire organization.

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Denton Knapp

OSHA | Brig. General, Cal Guard | BEAP WVPP Specialist

Denton Knapp brings over 30 years of intense safety experience from his time training for and participating in numerous military deployments in the United States and overseas. Couple that experience with his OSHA Credentials, he is uniquely qualified to join the BERT team and immediately bring his strengths, talents and training to our team and clients past, present and future.

BERT’s OSHA turnkey Injury Illness Protection Program (IIPP) supports facility safety teams. Every California employer with 10 or more employees must have a “written, effective” plan. Our unique online training brings the concepts from the binder-on-the-shelf into daily operations, thereby reducing incidents and enhancing the “Culture of Safety” that OSHA is so eager to witness at any facility. With next-generation App. technology, your team members instantly communicate and facilitate incident management using FEMA ICS systems.

Denton Knapp and his BERT Safety Team will not only review the IIPP as it is being implemented but facilitate a physical inspection of the facility and provide a written report. The facility safety team then takes over to mitigate any findings before OSHA arrives.

BERT’s unique approach to emergency planning and training uses the same technology to alleviate fear in incidents by teaching civilians how to care for themselves until first responders arrive, and return to normal business operations as soon as possible after they leave.

The BERT team is already represented by retired police, fire, Air Force, Navy and Marine veterans all led by a Coast Guard Veteran. We are pleased to welcome Denton Knapp to our team and know that his skills will serve our clients well.


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