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FACILITY MANAGEMENT inside a Municipality or Public Agency

In any OSHA-reportable incident documentation, quick action and documentation saves life and limb.

In a systemic emergency such as a earthquake, hurricane, fire, or flood, first responder resources will quickly be taxed to their limits.

BERT organizational principals teach several practical responses to an emergency, such as organization and deployment of large scale employee resources, using buddy systems to protect their own safety during incidents, and practical application strategies for documenting situation and resource status for proper transition to First Responders when they arrive.

Proper documentation is taught as critical for potential reimbursement or relief aid from disaster agencies, post-incident.

Those agencies that have chosen to not only prepare properly with an understanding of what an emergency looks and feels like from within, are those that have made the paradigm shift in thought to be able to react to a dynamic situation, and will recover more quickly.  Fewer losses will result in a faster return to public service.


Become a valuable asset to your community by offering a tangible service to current and prospective clients.

Sponsor a BERT training program.  We bring the resources, curriculum & first-responder instructors to you.  You bring your clients and prospects to the training.  We present this totally unique approach to dealing with a systemic emergency such as hurricane, wildfire, mudslide, active shooter, or earthquake.  Your company becomes the go-to resource.

Before going any further, ask yourself:  What is the value of your colleagues going through important training together with you?  How can you be the catalyst to teach 10, 100, 1,000 in the next month how to take care of themselves, their families, and their businesses until first responders arrive, and help develop how to recover to normal operations after they leave.  Businesses are the heart-blood of any community.  In order for your community to thrive after any incident, a return to business as normal is imperative.

Graduates receive a personalized monthly newsletter BERT-DAY of emergency planning with YOUR NAME at the top by-line.  You become a resource for them…

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